Hello Beautiful Soul-My name is Beckie and I am the owner of Life Keys Energy. Coming Home with Life Keys Energy is a virtual inclusive yoga studio & holistic healing space.  I specialize in adaptive yoga and embodied healing with a focus on the neuroscience of yoga as it relates to trauma brain. I am a different type of yoga studio for a different type of yogi.  I practice radical inclusion by weaving multiple modifications and the use of chairs, bolsters, straps, blocks, and blankets into yoga flows allowing for a truly inclusive, choose your own adventure practice.  Before we delve into all the possible routes to healing let me share my definition for common  words.

Yoga: A lifestyle that strives to live in harmony with nature, self, and others while walking you back to your authentic self.  It has very little to do with contorting your physical being into pretzel inspired asana (physical pose.)

Home: A place of deep connection and understanding within oneself.

Clematis: Symbolizes mental beauty and is an apt climbing vine that is always connecting & growing.

Coming Home with Life Keys Energy: Is a simple, layered, evidence based embodied healing approach to whole being integrated wellness, available in the comfort of your own personal space on your own individual schedule. Coming Home with Life Keys Energy is a choose your own adventure, take what works-leave the rest style, compilation of inclusive & adaptive trauma informed yoga, pranayama (breathwork), embodied & energy medicine techniques, holistic healing, meditation & mindfulness, workshops,  wild crafting & foraging blogs, and integrated wellness coaching ideas.  Find our virtual yoga studio and interactive  community on Patreon.

Journey Within with Life Keys Energy: Is a non-dogma  monthly program in the Life Keys Energy Village. This program and community invites you to explore the world around you in a deeper more connected way.  With curiosity and intuition as our guides we explore  metaphysical, spiritual, and energy medicine concepts, the potential multiple meaning behind each concept, and ideas on how to integrate these paradigms into our daily lives.  This program includes the option for delving into deep core healing through journaling, shadow work, and other guided activities.


Life is a choose your own adventure. Let’s walk this path together, unwind the stories thrust upon us, shed the labels, and joyously step into our own unique authenticity.  Let’s walk each other home…

Let’s practice some sacred self care together. Here is a  guided meditation to relax with. 





I am deeply honored to be recognized in a field that I adore.





I am humbled and honored to be awarded 2019 best yoga studio in South Kitsap. Deep gratitude




Life Keys Energy is a proud member of the International Natural Healers Association



Beckie is a 200 RYT-200 registered trauma-informed  yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance.


Beckie is a volunteer and certified  Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher with Veterans Yoga Project. Serving those who served.



Beckie is a Certified Laughter Yoga Facilitator. Infuse your life with joy and free yourself from the past.



Beckie is a volunteer and  certified in Trauma Out Reach through The Connection Coalition. Post-traumatic growth is possible.              



Beckie is certified in Silver & Fit, exercises that encourage range of motion, strength building, and flexibility for seniors.


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