Coming Home with Life Keys Energy


Coming Home with Life Keys Energy is a full service virtual yoga studio that¬† includes a wide variety of effective, adaptive & slow yoga classes designed to regulate the nervous system while increasing whole being wellness. Each class is taught for the beginner’s mindset with multiple modifications woven through the flow. Explore a variety of guided, IRest, and yoga nidra meditations, along with energy medicine practices, wild crafting & foraging blogs, and integrated wellness coaching ideas. Use the search bar on patreon and find exactly which class sounds good, on demand!¬† No need to sync schedules or worry about what class happens when. Simply choose a time that works for you, select the video or meditation you want to do, and practice in the comfort of your own home. Virtual workshops & zoom links are announced here first. Just like a physical studio, this is a choose your own adventure platform.

I offer several different price points so that everyone can afford to practice. All four price points gives full access to the entire virtual library.


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