How do you love you?

One of the most misconstrued phrases I hear is he/she/my child completes me. No, you are a whole wonderful being on your own, nobody completes you. When we have this thinking that we require somebody to make us whole that is coming from a place of need not love. Love is a selfless state of being and giving. It gives because it can, not because it expects something in return, not even love. Authentic love doesn’t keep track of it’s selfless acts or what it has or has not received in return. When we are lacking inside we form attachments and call them love in a desperate attempt to refill ourselves. The truth is, only we can heal ourselves, no one can do the work for us. We must fill ourselves up before ever contemplating what the world might give us. Only once we are full can we go truly love in it’s pure form. Are there areas in your life that you can love yourself more? How do you love you?
Shine bright my friends, you are worth it.
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