Life Keys Energy Yoga Studio

Have you heard the news? There is an inclusive yoga studio and holistic healing space in Port Orchard, Washington  (Towne Square- 1700 SE Mile Hill Road Suite 240). It is a different type of yoga studio, founded by a different type of yogi.  What exactly does that mean?  Well, here are a few of the differences that you will experience in our studio.
*Specialize in Yes– There is this idea here in the West that yoga is for the thin and fit. I believe yoga is for everybody, not just the fit able bodied, because of this foundation core belief, we specialize in yes. Modifications and props are woven through the practice mindfully, not as a second best suggestion. Teaching in levels and with modifications allows everyone to get the practice they need. Props help support us by lifting the floor up to us or helping us go deeper in a pose.

*No Mirrors-  Contrary to pop culture Yoga is NOT a fashion show nor is it about the “right” gear. Yoga is about the breath. Asana, or poses, are pop quizzes to see how you connect to the breath in different shapes.  How do you FEEL? How does it feel to BREATHE? Mirrors encourage the ego to judge the exterior when yoga is about going deep inside. We do not have mirrors in studio because we want you to embody your practice, not perform. If you are out of alignment, the teachers will help you find your alignment, that is why we are there!

*No Excessive Heat- I do not believe high room temps aid a yoga practice. In fact, I believe the opposite is true. I believe highly heated rooms (over 80 degrees) encourages the ego to take over, leading to over stretching and injuries. Yoga is meant to build your internal agni (fire), excessive room temps do very little to help this. If you wish to find more space in a pose consistent practice, not high room temps, is the key.

*No Competition- Yoga in its true form is meant to walk you back to yourself. Yoga unites your breath to your body. That is not a competitive event. Going deeper in a pose does not make you more spiritual, it means you can go deeper in a pose.  Some days there is great space available, some days there isn’t. Learning to listen to the body and what it needs is the point of yoga. Competition, even with yourself, has no place in yoga.  Breathe, be here now, what space is available now?

*Laughter is the BEST  Medicine–  We teach serious yoga with a light hearted approach.  Laughing about feeling like an awkward flamingo in a balancing pose that didn’t go as planned is much better medicine for the heart than berating oneself for not nailing it. Often, that laughter allows us to release the expectation and actually find ease in a challenging pose.  We are not a good vibes only studio. We encourage everyone to show up authentic and work it out on the mat.

Beckie, the owner, has experienced significant trauma and loss in her life.  In this lifetime she has been: the unwanted infant with parents who couldn’t bond. The neglected abandoned child searching for safety. The lost teenager struggling to understand the world, craving acceptance. The high functioning adult desperately needing self care. The new Mom with all the knowledge but an uncertain heart space. The rape and domestic violence survivor, not understanding how to move forward. The addict frantically seeking comfort and being okay in her own skin. The human with a disability that isn’t understood and can be exhausting to manage. The being pushing back against divisiveness, conformity, hate, and anger because her soul KNOWS there is a better way.  Yoga, meditation, and holistic healing healed Beckie. These tools helped her get sober, heal the wounds of the  traumatic past, loose the mask & step into authenticity, while finding authentic joy. This is the healing she wishes for others.  It is her heart’s desire to create an adaptive & inclusive studio, where there is something for everyone. A place of belonging and joyous healing. We are eager for you to find your sacred space on your mat.











Check out the piece titled “Radical Inclusion” by Photo Journalist Andi Beuscher . This captures part of the Life Keys Energy difference on film.


Please know that there is a service dog present in the studio. He is very friendly, but is actively working . We ask that you do not engage with him before or during class. We hand mop our floors and  do our best to reduce pet dander.