Life Lessons from a Life Coach

 Today is my last day being 40 and if you know my story then you are aware that I am a story of destruction and rebirth especially in my thirties. Here is a list of the life lessons I learned so far:

1. No matter how dark it is if you can see a shadow, then there is a light source somewhere, follow the light. That is your hope, even when it seems you don’t have any. Don’t give up. Life changes quickly.
2. On the other hand, make peace with that shadow. There is nothing to fear in the dark. Learn to sit with yourself, all of yourself, alone. You will be better for it.
3. Some families are awesome, some aren’t. If yours isn’t make one that is. Everyone deserves to have a soft place to land, be loved on, laugh, have truth told to them, and to be safe. I call mine a tribe. Sometimes you cannot fix broken, sometimes you simply need to go find your people and love each other dearly. Go do that!
4. Heal your hurts, walk through your pain, deal with it. You aren’t going to die from pain, truly. There are helpers who will help you. Once you deal with your demons they can no longer hurt you. That is freeing. There are no words for this. Perhaps one, Joy… authentic joy comes from dealing with your shit.
5. Unapologetically chase your dreams and follow your heart. Society only knows what makes it happy, but you are unique and you have unique likes, dislikes, talents, and capabilities. Stop listening to the masses, stop listening to the blue print for life and start listening to your soul’s plans for life, you will be happier and more successful. _/\_
6. Do the right thing, always. Be of character, even if that takes baby steps to create. No one regrets standing in the light.
7. Give, love, laugh, teach, be kind… this world hurts, offer it a way to be better, and have a moment of comfort. Leave people better than you found them.
8. Not everyone is going to understand you, your struggle, your power, or who you are, it is not your job to out scream them, out smart them, or even out bully them, it is simply your job to be with them and if at all possible love them, but always remain you.
9. You cannot listen if you are talking or thinking about what to say next, nor can you take in what is being taught if your cup is full. So, if you already “know it all” please don’t bother you aren’t open to learning. 2+4=6 but so does 3+3 as does 1.9+ 4.1 …there are many ways of doing things. Be open.
10. You cannot pour out of an empty cup, self care is so uber important. You matter. Take care of yourself first and then the world.
These are my hard earned lessons. I offer them to you with love. Do with them as you see fit.

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