Who is Life Keys Energy?


Beckie, the owner, has experienced significant trauma and loss in her life. In this lifetime she has been: the unwanted infant with parents who couldn’t bond. The neglected abandoned child searching for safety. The lost teenager struggling to understand the world, craving acceptance. The high functioning adult desperately needing soul care. The new Mom with all the knowledge but an uncertain heart space. The rape and domestic violence survivor not knowing how to move forward. The addict frantically seeking comfort and being okay in her own skin. The human with a disability that isn’t understood and can be exhausting to manage. The being pushing back against divisiveness, conformity, hate, and anger because her soul KNOWS there is a better way. Yoga, meditation, and holistic healing healed Beckie. These tools helped her get sober, heal the wounds of her traumatic past, lose the mask & step into authenticity, while finding authentic joy. This is the healing she wishes for others. It is her heart’s desire to create an adaptive & inclusive space where there is something for everyone and everyone feels included.  A place of belonging & joyous healing as we all walk each other home.


The energy and support giving by Life Keys Energy has been one of the best experiences I have had the pleasure of having. I had no idea what Reiki energy or Chakras were until I began speaking and working with Beckie. She is patient and understanding and uses her vast life experiences to connect with the client. I never felt judged or weird for not “getting it” right away. I currently keep a bottle of specially mixed for my needs essential oil with me because it simply works. I truly recommend Life Keys Energy to anyone.

– Sean, Customer

 Where do I begin when talking about Beckie, the owner of Life Keys…?

She’s quite simply put, one of the most intuitive people I have ever met. I currently reside in AZ and from miles away she is spot on, with my energetic/life needs. She can sense where I am out of balance and knows just what I need to recalibrate me, whether it be with her Reiki healing or Life Keys bracelets, which by the way, may be coincidence but  at the same time I received my Life Keys bracelet with the stones to recalibrate my relationship arrived….my relationship took a turn for the better. I will add, I also made conscious effort in renewing my relationship but I know the stones made a significant impact on the relationship as well.

I just love Beckie dearly. She’s been to hell and back and like a Phoenix rose from the flames even more beautiful than before and a hell of a lot more wise.
I recommend her to anyone is in need/want of some real energy healing.

                                                                            -Shanelle, Customer Review from Yelp

 “I am so grateful to Beckie! She has an abundance of knowledge regarding crystals, aromatherapy, meditation, and reiki. I came to her distressed about things I have spent years trying to overcome with many therapists. Beckie helped me pin point the problem, told me what oils to use, set up a crystal grid and sent me reiki healing. I feel so much better! Beckie has a gift, I am truly grateful I found her.”

                                                                    -Carlie, Customer Review Thumb Tack

“When I first went to Beckie Evans for a reiki session, I wasn’t sure if I believed in reiki as a healing modality. After the first session, I was made a believer. It is like getting your soul detoxed. Beckie is very kind and helps you to work on what it is you need to work on. You come away feeling cleansed and renewed. I highly recommend seeing Beckie and trying this wonderful healing process.”

                                                                       -Libby, Customer Review from Thumb Tack

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