Which Class is Best?~ Yoga Class Descriptions

Vin/Yin- This is Beckie’s signature class. We link breath to movement while flowing through a series of asanas (poses), ending with a few held and supported asanas (poses) allowing for deep stretching. This class builds strength & flexibility, while encouraging breath & mindfulness. This class is taught in levels and is appropriate for all levels, including beginners.
Power Flow-  Taught by Erika, like a dance, asanas will move with the rhythms of the breath in a fluid motion. This movement helps to bring balance to the body and mind. The practice of flowing through standing, kneeling, seated, and lying postures incorporating optional arm balances and inversions will leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed. All levels welcome. No experience necessary.
Slow Flow-Not sure on where to start? Start here! We slow our flow down and focus on breath and alignment. This class is perfect for anyone who is new to the practice, has injuries that require modifications, and anyone seeking a slower flow class.
Restorative This class is designed with relaxation in mind. We turn down the lights, use all the props & weight to create opportunities for passive stretching, and zen out to relaxing instrumental music. Each pose is held for 3-6 minutes allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to kick it resulting in relaxation of the mind & body.
Yoga TRX- Use the TRX System as a tool to make a move more intense or as a prop allowing for accessibility in poses that are challenging. You are in full control of how intense the work out is, we will show you how to find your ideal level. This class has very limited space, ensuring everyone gets the hands on attention they require for best results & safety.  All Life Keys Energy trainers are Yoga TRX certified.
Chair YogaDoes the floor intimidate you? Looking for a way to improve movement, strength, & flexibility from the chair? In this class we use straps, balls, resistance bands allowing our breath to carry us through a unique flow. Appropriate for everyone. Excellent starting point for someone who has found movement challenging.
The Gritty Yogi-  YSR 12 trained yoga teachers lead this unique program. We have our own unique voice, reason, and story with addiction. If you are wrestling with addiction this may be a great addition to your recovery program.  What happens when you combine the 12 step program with yoga? You get the gritty yogi! This class is designed for all levels and includes both movement and discussion. It is designed for anyone in active recovery from any addiction. Appropriate for all levels.
Heated Yin–  We turn up the heat & turn down the lights for this introspective practice. Yin yoga is a series of poses that are held for 3-5 minutes designed to relax and stretch the fascia & tendons allowing for increased flexibility and relaxation. We heat the room to 75 to 78 degrees to increase relaxation.
Nourish-This is a self-care class that explores self-massage, myofascial release, reflexology, aromatherapy, gentle stretches to reduce stress and tension, guided meditation, and more.  Nourish is an excellent way to start of a new week!
QiGong-(pronounced chee-gong) is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves moving meditation and controlled breathing. It is designed to be a gentle way to balance your energy and create a sense of well- being.
Healing Roots: Tools for Survivors- Join Beckie and Erika on the Saturday closest to the new and full moon from 6-8pm for this introspective practice. We will illuminate our true nature and dream of the story we would like to live under the presence of the full moon. In the shadow of the new moon, we will reflect on our journey thus far and gain tools that enable us to release the stories that no longer serve us. Though not required, it is recommended to bring a personal relic to offer to the altar (this can be anything that speaks to you ie. photo, statuary, stones and will return home with you after class), journal, and mala. This is a pay what you can class. Suggested price is $20. No one will be turned away because of inability to pay.
Sustenance- Join us the first Friday of every month at 6 pm for a gentle candle light flow with sangha (community) afterwards. Tea and light snacks provided.
Unlimited Monthly Membership~$85 a month, includes all classes, excludes workshops & special events. This is a reoccurring month to month membership, with 30 day written notice submitted to LifeKeysEnergy@gmail.com for cancellation. 
Mat Packs~ 5 class pack for $50, good for all classes, excludes workshops, valid for one year.
Drop in~$10 cash or $13 debit/credit card
First Responders– $5, we know you have a stressful job, come release the stress for only $5
Workshops are priced from $25-$65 depending on the workshop. As a general policy refunds are not given for workshops unless Life Keys Energy cancels the workshop. 

Please know that there is a service dog present in the studio. He is very friendly, but is actively working . We ask that you do not engage with him before or during class. We hand mop our floors and  do our best to reduce pet dander.