Which Class is Best?~ Yoga Class Descriptions

Slow Flow-Not sure on where to start? Start here! We slow our flow down and focus on breath and alignment. This class is perfect for anyone who is new to the practice, has injuries that require modifications, and anyone seeking a slower flow class.

Restorative– This class is designed with relaxation in mind. We turn down the lights, use all the props & weight to create opportunities for passive stretching, and zen out to relaxing instrumental music. Each pose is held for 3-6 minutes allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to kick it resulting in relaxation of the mind & body.

Flow 2.0– Have you been practicing a little while and are ready for more inversions, arm balances, and faster flow? Not afraid of a little sweat? This class is for you! It is a faster pace vinyasa class. We will incorporate arm balances, inversions, and more advanced poses into the flow. Modifications will still be given and the class will be taught in a playful, curious way.  Let’s lean into what is possible together.

Chair Yoga-Does the floor intimidate you? Looking for a way to improve movement, strength, & flexibility from the chair? In this class we use straps, balls, resistance bands allowing our breath to carry us through a unique flow. Appropriate for everyone. Excellent starting point for someone who has found movement challenging.

Standing Flow- Is sitting on the floor uncomfortable, but you are ready to explore standing postures with limited support? Standing Flow is for you! We will warm up in a chair and then move through tradition standing postures. As always, modifications and props will be woven into the flow. This is an excellent starting point for beginners, people who find the floor inaccessible for what ever reason, or those with a chronic illness or injury.

All Level Flow, Chair to Advanced- In this class modifications will be woven into the practice, along with the use of props to help you create the exact practice your body needs today.

Cozy Yin-  We turn up the heat & turn down the lights for this introspective practice. Yin yoga is a series of poses that are held for 3-5 minutes designed to relax and stretch the fascia & tendons allowing for increased flexibility and relaxation. We heat the room to 75 to 78 degrees to increase relaxation.

Beginner Breakdown-This is an 8 week series where we breakdown the foundation of yoga, Surya Namaskar A & B aka Sunrise Salutation A and B. This is an excellent starting point for most and no experience is necessary. As with every Life Keys Energy class we will weave in modifications throughout the flow and chairs will be available for those who find the floor difficult. Come find your perfect alignment, become acquainted with yogic lingo, demystify what is happening in the yoga studio, and create a healthy habit for 2020. This 8 week series is taught in a non-judgmental, light hearted and curious approach with the intention of building confidence for a regular studio or home practice. Everyone is welcome.

QiGong-(pronounced chee-gong) is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves moving meditation and controlled breathing. It is designed to be a gentle way to balance your energy and create a sense of well- being. Offered the first & third Saturdays

Practicing social distancing? Still want to practice and stay connected? I have a solution for that!



Coming Home with Life Keys Energy on Patreon has 4 different price points. $13 per month  (a full month of content for the investment of a single studio class!), $28 per month, $55 per month, $108 per month each tier offers full access to our virtual yoga studio. Pick the level that is comfortable for you and start your choose your own adventure wellness journey today.

Virtual Holistic Healing Appointments

  1. Energy Medicine Appointments $45 for 45 minutes
  2. Hypnosis $55 per appointment
  3. Personalized One on One Inclusive Yoga class with replay link $45
  4. EFT or Unwinding session  $25
  5. Integrated Wellness Appointments $75

Available through zoom, facetime, skype, and video messenger.

Life Keys Energy is a participating member of the Silver & Fit and Active & Fit program.

Workshops are priced from $25-$65 depending on the workshop. As a general policy refunds are not given for workshops unless Life Keys Energy cancels the workshop.  Workshops and studio classes are rarely canceled, but when they are it is for safety reasons. Your whole being safety is our priority.  If a client no shows/late cancels more that twice and wish to book another appointment, payment is due in full at the time of scheduling.