Workshops & Special Offerings




We have classes for all ability & activity levels. All of our classes meet you exactly where you are at today. We weave modifications, cue props, and teach in levels allowing you to get the exact practice you need. In this studio you are not in competition with anyone.

Using all the props we will find a comfortable position to sink into a relaxing yoga nidra (guided mediation). We will open and close with reflexology for a relaxing and soothing self-care event. We provide the ambiance, props, guidance, and meditation. All we are missing is you! A take home gift is included with this event. $25
Are you an empath? Do you find yourself constantly taking on other people’s energy and emotions? Are you constantly drained? Ready to master your empath skills instead of being controlled by it?  Join Beckie for a 90 minute interactive workshop where we will explore a deeper understanding of what it means to be an empath, how to turn it into your super power making the skill work FOR you instead of AGAINST you, and various self care ideas designed to leave you restored.   $25 investment, reserve your spot today at space is limited to 15
Curious about chakras? Ready to delve deeper? Interested in learning how to identify and work with your chakras?
Join Beckie for this interactive workshop. We will explore each chakra, ways to identify if it is over active, under active, or balanced, and experience multiple ways to bring our chakras back into balance. This workshop will be taught in a discussion style format with hands on interactive learning.   $25 secures your space, workbook, and take home gift    space is limited to 15


Come celebrate you with our ultimate two hour self-care workshop. We turn down the lights and turn up the heat, while leading you through a two hour restorative yoga practice. We add indulgent yoga thai massage assists to every pose encouraging a completely blissed in experience. We close with warm essential oil infused washcloths, sound healing, and head massages resulting in the ultimate indulgent self care experience. Everything is provide, all we are missing is you! Space is limited to 10 secure your spot today!
Stress building up in your muscles? Weekend adventures leaving you too sore to move on Monday? Does anxiety & tension show up in your body?
Come explore myofacial release with Beckie. We will explore why this practice is beneficial, how you can incorporate this self care into your daily life, and experience hands on learning. Every participant will leave with a workbook and a set of tennis & racket balls to continue the practice with at home. Space is limited to 15 and preregistration is required.
As a general policy refunds are not given for workshops unless Life Keys Energy cancels the workshop.  Workshops and studio classes are rarely canceled, but when they are it is for safety reasons. Your whole being safety is our priority. If a client no shows/late cancels more that twice and wishes to book another appointment, payment is due in full at the time of scheduling. 
Please know that there is a service dog present in the studio. He is very friendly, but is actively working . We ask that you do not engage with him before or during class. We hand mop our floors and  do our best to reduce pet dander.