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We have classes for all ability & activity levels. All of our classes meet you exactly where you are at today. We weave modifications, cue props, and teach in levels allowing you to get the exact practice you need. In this studio you are not in competition with anyone.

Let’s welcome 2020 in together with an all levels (chair to advanced) flow designed to secure our breath and open our hearts. This flow is appropriate for most with multiple modifications offered for every pose.Come be part of the magic. I look forward to meeting you on the mat. By donation


Photo Credit: Andi Buescher This is an 8 week series where we breakdown the foundation of yoga, Surya Namaskar A & B aka Sunrise Salutation A and B. This is an excellent starting point for most and no experience is necessary. As with every Life Keys Energy class we will weave in modifications throughout the flow and chairs will be available for those who find the floor difficult. Come find your perfect alignment, become acquainted with yogic lingo, demystify what is happening in the yoga studio, and create a healthy habit for 2020. This 8 week series is taught in a non-judgemental, light hearted and curious approach with the intention of building confidence for a regular studio or home practice. Everyone is welcome. Monday nights 5:45 pm -6:30 pm January 6th through February 24th $65 for the 8 week series or $10 cash per class. Secure your spot here
Come to be nourished by your breath and a like-hearted community. This breathwork circle is open to all people and no prior breathwork experience is necessary. Each time we gather is an opportunity to be introduced to this conscious, connected breathwork practice for the first time or to deepen your relationship with its many nuances. Conscious breathwork facilitates an internal journey into our mental and emotional landscape and our soul. Its possible to experience powerful effects in a single session, as well as cumulatively, including the release and integration of stress, tension, old patterns, fear, and traumatic experiences, greater awareness and presence, increased flow and clarity, and a deeper sense of inner peace. The experience can be physical, emotional, and/or transpersonal/spiritual. Breathwork is an individual process that is greatly supported by the energy of a group environment. All we ask is that you show up exactly as you are, and we hope you leave feeling a little bit (or a lot) brighter. By donation


It’s a new year and the energy of change is swirling around. While I don’t believe in “new year, new you” I do believe in the power of breathwork and manifesting especially when done mindfully. In this workshop we will create a personalized intention, create a plan on bringing this intention to reality, and clear the resistance with our breath. Every participant will leave with a worksheet and take home gift designed to help you mindfully create the year that you desire. $40
The season of love is here and Beckie wants to help you fall in love with yourself! Join us for the ultimate two hour self-care workshop. We turn down the lights and turn up the heat, while leading you through a two hour restorative yoga practice. We add indulgent yoga thai massage assists to every pose encouraging a completely blissed in experience. We close with warm essential oil infused washcloths, sound healing, and head massages resulting in the ultimate indulgent self care experience Space is limited to 10 secure your spot today! $45
Making Peace with Gravity, an Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method. Give up the fight against gravity and the struggle to find balance. In this workshop discover the self-care of Awareness Through Movement which brings comfort and ease. Good balance is about having choices. Start to discover your skeletal potential to sit and stand pain free.
All lessons will be done from a chair. February 16th 1:00 pm-2:30 pm $25 Reserve your spot at
Join us for an experiential workshop of breathwork, movement, and connection. We will explore practices as a group and in pairs that supports the clearing of physical and emotional stress from our bodies and connects us to the healing energy within us. We will work with a conscious, connected breathwork technique, one that powerfully and gently opens our hearts to a way of being and relating that inspires more love and freedom. This is an individual process that takes place in a group environment and is built on a foundation of presence, intimacy, acceptance of what is arising, and integration of our whole being . Secure your spot here.
Using all the props we will find a comfortable position to sink into a relaxing yoga nidra (guided mediation). We will open and close with reflexology for a relaxing and soothing self-care event. We provide the ambiance, props, guidance, and meditation. All we are missing is you! A take home gift is included with this event. $25


As a general policy refunds are not given for workshops unless Life Keys Energy cancels the workshop.  Workshops and studio classes are rarely canceled, but when they are it is for safety reasons. Your whole being safety is our priority. If a client no shows/late cancels more that twice and wish to book another appointment, payment is due in full at the time of scheduling. 
Please know that there is a service dog present in the studio. He is very friendly, but is actively working . We ask that you do not engage with him before or during class. We hand mop our floors and  do our best to reduce pet dander.