Workshops & Special Offerings

We have classes for all ability & activity levels. All of our classes meet you exactly where you are at today. We weave modifications, cue props, and teach in levels allowing you to get the exact practice you need. In this studio you are not in competition with anyone.

Join Beckie and Erika on the Saturday closest to the new and full moon from 6-8pm for this introspective practice. We will illuminate our true nature and dream of the story we would like to live under the presence of the full moon. In the shadow of the new moon, we will reflect on our journey thus far and gain tools that enable us to release the stories that no longer serve us. Though not required, it is recommended to bring a personal relic to offer to the altar (this can be anything that speaks to you ie. photo, statuary, stones and will return home with you after class), journal, and mala. This is a pay what you can class. Suggested price is $20. No one will be turned away because of inability to pay.

Join Beckie & Erika the first Friday of every month for a gentle candle lit flow, with the option of sangha (community) after.  Tea & snacks provided. 

What happens when you combine Yoga Philosophy, the 12 steps, and some basic psychology? The Gritty Yogi! In this class we talk a little and move a little all while discovering tools to help support recovery. This class is open to anyone who is in active recovery from any addiction. This is not a substitution for Rehab or a CDC, it is merely a supportive place with like minded people

The yogic concepts of lila (play) and sukha (ease) are easy to see and experience with mini goats. We will move together mindfully through a playful all levels practice while interacting with well socialized mini goats. We will practice in our own little yoga shed nestled in the forest at wild cat lake. This is an off grid farm, but our shed has heat and lights. Easy to find with, plenty of parking, stress just melts away in this serene setting. Space is limited to 8

Grab your partner, best friend, or random stranger off the street and join Beckie & Erika for a gentle partner yoga flow. We will incorporate partner stretches and massage into a gentle flow, closing with a guided meditation. The intention behind this event is to offer a self-care experience that encourages connection. Modifications will be offeredhttp://

Join us for the ultimate two hour self-care workshop. We turn down the lights and turn up the heat, while leading you through a two hour restorative yoga practice. We add indulgent yoga thai massage assists to every pose encouraging a completely blissed in experience. We close with warm essential oil infused washcloths, sound healing, and head massages resulting in the ultimate indulgent self care experience Space is limited to 10. Please register at

Using all the props we will find a comfortable position to sink into a relaxing yoga nidra (guided mediation). We will open and close with reflexology for a relaxing and soothing self-care event. We provide the ambiance, props, guidance, and meditation. All we are missing is you

Please know that there is a service dog present in the studio. He is very friendly, but is actively working . We ask that you do not engage with him before or during class. We hand mop our floors and  do our best to reduce pet dander.