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Fully Inclusive Virtual Yoga Studio    

Are you looking for a wide variety of inclusive and adaptive yoga available on your schedule? Have you always been interested or curious about yoga, but haven’t found a place to start? Join me on PatreonComing Home with Life Keys Energy  is a full service virtual yoga studio on the Patreon platform.   New content is being added almost daily and is organized by yoga types. I offer chair, standing flow, gentle flow, slow flow, yoga strength drills, agni building flows, yin, restorative, yoga TRX, and trauma informed yoga.  In addition to classes designed to meet you exactly where you are at today, there is a large library of guided, IREST, and embodied meditations.  I offer four different price points ranging from $13-$108 a month. Content is the same at every price point, this is one of the ways I am attempting to make yoga and wellness available to all.  As always there is no contract, if your budget or interests change, simply cancel through Patreon.  Every Wednesday at 7 pm I offer free restorative yoga through a zoom link. The monthly link is available in the virtual studio

Life Keys Energy Village and Communities

Are  you looking for a community that shares your interests? Are you looking for a spiritual community  to support and empower you? A safe place to discuss new ideas from a variety of perspectives? Join me here on Life Keys Energy Village hosted by mighty network.  This platform is similar to Facebook as it is free, there is an app, we have customizable walls, threads, and chat. It is different because it is a closed network just for us.  This is a place to discuss all things metaphysical, spiritual, nature, hippie, energy medicine, and witchy related.  I also offer various communities within this platform. Each community is it’s own group. Communities are places that I offer topic specific teaching and activities on a monthly basis. These are subscription based groups. Subscriptions range from free to $25 a month and can be canceled at any time. You DO NOT NEED A SUBSCRIPTION to be part of the Life Keys Energy Village.  In addition to communities I offer monthly Goddess Circles and Tea Ceremonies live via zoom. All the details are located in the events section on this platform. 

Virtual Holistic Healing


Due to the current pandemic I am not seeing holistic healing clients in person, instead I am seeing clients virtually. I currently offer zoom, skype, messenger, and facetime to host appointments.  I accept paypal, venmo, facebook pay, apple cash, and zelle.  To schedule an appointment or discuss which option is best for you  please email Beckie.




As a general policy refunds are not given for workshops unless Life Keys Energy cancels the workshop.  Workshops and studio classes are rarely canceled, but when they are it is for safety reasons. Your whole being safety is our priority. If a client no shows/late cancels more that twice and wishes to book another appointment, payment is due in full at the time of scheduling. 



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